Hessian Vases


Hessian Vases

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Our Hessian vases are one of our best sellers!

Not only are they a cute posy but they are the ideal gift arriving with their own vase that you can use over and over again :)

We have 3 sizes available in the hessian vase.

Standard is in the smaller size and Premium and Deluxe in the larger size vase.

You can order the sizes of vase in………

Pastel colour tones – all shades of pink, white, mauve, green

Bright tones can include - Hot pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, white and green.

Autumn tones can include shades - yellow, orange, red and greens

White and greens.

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Our Hessian vases are one of our popular designs on trend! A glass vase encased in hessian containing a beautiful posy. Flowers will vary with the seasons.